Some Work, Deliverables, A Few Case Studies.

If you have this link you are looking to see about some of my work and the work of my teams. Some of this is better reviewed with a little voice over or explainer from me, that said I am happy to jump on Skype (welshskypeaccount is my skypename) and talk whomever through whatever. You can also email me.

Also a Welsh_Team_Cases pdf. This is an overview of some of the work…


Shopping Experience – Batch 2 v4.1 << IADs
Username: TrueAction
Password: Welcome1

This is a screencast recording of a portion of the above. If there are any issues.

Here is a rough tablet app IAD, I have the app and can show it to you tomorrow.(it was a demo we made only for the executives and is confidential as well)

Factory Store App-Draft IAD

Goldfish Customizer

Goldfish IAD

Levis CurveID Quiz


Some sites referenced in the case study

GNC Who Are You
GNC Who Are You

Bag Finder
Tumi Bag Finder

Pets Food Selector
Petsmart FoodGuide

The 12 Step process developed by me and various team members over the last 11 years…this process was used to deliver the work referenced above.

Sample 12 Step Process