Running Reflection

A moment of zen for those that don’t think they can, haven’t yet or are far to fast to care…never give up

The image is of the last 4 times i ran that same 5k i ran yesterday (sat) the fastest id ever run before…while not the fastest in the universe—for me its a milestone run. This was my first 5k. I’m trying to mark progress. None of this crap happens over night or without large scale commitment and help from countless people who i have run with including Jimbo. (

In between these 4 runs is a ton of running countless times with Mary Malley and the Collegeville Runners. Many half marathons, 5 milers, 10 milers, tough mudders and mudder trainings and all sorts of other self-punishment for years of laziness and quitting—a lot of quitting. I can say after 4 years I think I know less about fitness and more about how little I know, than I thought possible. But I have finally started to get to know myself, what limits I have and don’t have and that is worth all the miles.

Turns out i/you have very few. On the back of my shirt for my first 10miler (broadstreet) it read, ‘All i gotta do to feel like a winner is outrun you fatty—never give up’ Snarky, yes but true. That was a hard 10 miles, straight and slightly downhill…and now(4 years later) i run tough mudders barefoot (vibrams)…I almost have trouble running unless we can stop and climb sh’t or do a pull-up or carry of rock up a hill (which i could never do and quit trying at a point in my past and now i do 5 sets 6-7 reps each so 32 is my max right now and most might think thats stupid and lame, who cares)

So regardless of the performance in any one run you have, slow and sucky, aggravating, painful, long, rainy, snowy, muddy—you get to run. Get your sh*t together, make the excuses while your getting your sneaks on, tell yourself how tired you are, how warm your bed is, blame your children (oh thats nice), how work is crazy—seen my schedule lately or Francesco Russo‘s his is retarded. And when you do p90x and the Plyo vid has a guy with a wooden leg, or the tough mudder has you climbing over obstacles and you spot the old guy with one leg pull himself over…you immediately shut that fat, lazy, pathetic mouth and keep moving.

Just run to the stop sign…statistically there is one less than a mile from your home or apt. Don’t run, walk briskly, don’t even do that, just walk yourself there. If my fat, busy, inherently lazy, procrastinatingly distracted, serially traveling, late night posting self can manage, so can you.

I’ve got many miles to go, and much to make up for, one mile at a time. And ya know what, I’m grateful and ok with it.

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